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We are Krea, the healthcare decision support specialists.
We combine speed, technology, and insights
to help deliver your big ideas.

Agile. Accurate. Accountable

Everything we strive to be and the reason why our clients have been valuing our services since 2008

What makes a right decision the right decision?

Intelligent. Insightful. Impactful.

We help pharmaceutical and allied healthcare businesses at every step
of the decision-making process. This is how we deliver the difference.


with key
industry leaders


your target


insights from
healhcare pros


the gaps in your
business cycle


your decisions


your business

Back your decisions with insights from our extensive panel of healthcare professionals.

Here’s how we helped your peers

This is our story.

Now let’s build yours.

The Krea journey began as a market research company in 2008 with online panels that focused on healthcare fieldwork and research. We realized that for us it was not just about what we do, but how well we do it.

The who, why, and how always mattered. We believed this helped us solve problems quicker and better. A quality that made our clients trust us enough to turn to our counsel to solve their business problems. This incited us to adapt, innovate, and evolve to help our clients realize the samefor their businesses.

Let’s identify the who, why, and how

for your next big idea

Kreating a microcosm of care

If I am not for myself, who else is for me? If I am for myself alone, what am I for?
This credo defines Krea. Our culture revolves around improving ourselves
individually and as a whole. We truly believe that service, charity, and care
begin at home, and this percolates into all our thoughts and actions.


We will continue our mission to
skill and make people with
disabilities employable


We will deliver proactive customer
service, by thinking and acting in
alignment with your best interests


We will enable opportunities to learn
and improve, and stand by each
other through thick and thin


We will ensure respect, ethical
practices, and prompt payments
to all stakeholders concerned

Do our values match with yours?

Work and thrive as a Kreator

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